RZ Mould provides quality tooling at a competitive price. We can offer you a complete solution to your tooling needs.


Project Management

• Your dedicated project manager will supervise and manage your project from design to delivery.
• Excel and Microsoft Project time Plans
• Regular weekly Progress reportsProject tracking issues after Tool completion ensuring all issues are captured


• Variety of formats
• Catia
• Pro-E
• Solid works
• UG – Ideas as well as Step, IGS etc


• initial runs completed for development
• sustainable long term production volumes


• An RZ engineer will be present at all tooling trials to ensure you receive a tool that will last many years producing the quality injection mouldings you expect.
• We will help choose the right tool maker depending on the price, quality and business sector experience required for your particular job.  
• We can choose from a joint venture or independent tool maker, either way, we’ll select the most suitable option for your manufacturing project.
• All tools are tested and capability studies undertaken.

International Standards, ISO 9001

• All of our factories hold ISO9001.
• All of our factories have been audited by RZ to ensure they meet the exacting international standards.
• We carefully select factories which focus on high quality customer service and investment in modern technology. They all use mainstream international software formats (CAT IA, PRO-E, UG, Solidworks, etc.).
• Well engineered tools are manufactured to the EU/DME standards using European and Japanese steels.

Injection Moulding

• Our engineers have experience designing, selecting the right materials, factory with the right equipment to create the perfect mould cavity for your product.
• We will carefully select the right materials to fit your budget. If less expensive materials are required to fit your budget, you can rest assured that we have tested and adjusted the mould to optimise durability.

Packaging and Distribution

• Your tools will only be delivered after thorough testing.
• Your project manager will ensure that your tools arrive safely and to your deadline.